Organic Products

About us

Biofresco was founded in 2002 in Thessaloniki. After 15 years of continuous exploration and development, the company is now located in a new 2,000 square meter facility, with separate production and packaging department.

Our company supports multi-year partnerships with leading organic brands, internationally recognized foreign firms as well imports and sells products nationwide.

Other products are: domestic organic products, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and frozen foods.

Biofresco is certified by the Inspection Institute For Organic Products BIO HELLAS  in accordance with the EU Regulation 834/2007.

Our love and trust in Greek products have brought us in cooperation with several production units in Greece, as well as with Greek producers, who deservedly enrich our grocery department operating since 2007.

Thus assisting in the development of the presence of quality Greek products in the foreign market.


Our goal is to lay the foundations of a quality and healthy organic market in our country


BIOHellas develops with integrity and credibility in the field of organic products certification providing reliable services aiming to the protection of the consumer and the environment as well as to the improvement of foods and other agricultural products’ quality.

Inspection Institute for Organic Products “BIOHellas” was founded in 2001 and was approved by the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food as Inspection and Certification body for organic products (European Union code GR-BIO-03).

In 2002 it was accredited by the National Accreditation System (ESYD) according to ELOT EN 45011/ISO 65 Standard as an Inspection Body able to certify organic products.

BIOHELLAS is a member of IFOAM and HellasCert.

According to the Organic Certification Directory 2008 (a special edition of the Organic Standard), BIOHELLAS is among the top ten of Inspection and Certification Bodies worldwide.

The BIOHellas Institute provides certification services according to:

– EU Regulation 834/2007

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We Value


Quality, innovation, high nutritional value with a unique taste.

Produced by Biofresco

Biofresco has created the most modern and safe facilities for the products which it produces. All of our products are hand-made.

Exclusive partnerships with qualified brands for Greece

Biofresco is an official distributor in Greece of major organic brands like: HOLLE, CASTAGNO, MCLLOYDS, MOGLI, URTEKRAM, NATURATA.

Vegies & Fruits

In terms of quality, knowledge and passion, we choose the best organic farmers from all over Greece. Premium-quality organic fruit and vegetables


Promotion and getting our products known throughout the developing overseas markets is one of our priorities for the last years. Feel free to ask us anything regarding our products.